Blast!, Laneway, EMACs kinda weekend

(P/S: it’s so hard to think of titles!!! reminds me why I used to not give titles to my posts on redmugs V.1…..)

1. Blast!
Caught haohao on stage for the first time in two years (or more?). Adulthood change dance into something that you have to fight to make happen….. and she did it!!! felt really proud to witness her come back to this old flame and make it work despite her crazy internship schedule :’)  P/S: tq to gwendaloh for accompanying me to the show hehe

And of course, Music Manager Ellen Zeng Bo was looking stunning with that black-on-black look and did a perfect job!!! Mad excited for what’s in store for her captaincy :”) U inspire me bob.

Spontaneous supper at Macs satisfied my Macs criss-cut fries craving and filled my heart with a kind of happiness that only old (like, really really old) pals can bring~

2. Laneway
The right way to spend a Saturday (and also a pretty foreign way of spending a Saturday – not in the studio): sleeping in and late lunch at a quaint cafe! 🌞🌞🌞

preddy la

Yinghui brought us to the cafe that she worked at for ~1.5yrs, i.e. The Laneway Market, and it was so on point from the minute we stepped in!!! Dried bouquets hung from the ceilings and the aircon was at the perfect temperature and we got YH’s fav table 🙂 Caught up with the only-one-with-good-time-management while we waited for Leonghui and Clarice until 2.51pm and 2.52pm respectively, and lunch was finally served at 3+pm!!

The spread was amazzzzin’:

The Laneway MarketProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This Alaskan crab bun thing was the bomb (mother yinghui helped us to quarter it up) and the truffle fries at the side made us crave for more so we got another whole serving after our main meal hahahhaa. Food is always better when shared!!!!!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetThis was some smoked salmon scrambled egg with bits of Parmesan cheese and croutons and YH’s fav capsicum concoction (the red plop up there), so gud. Also rly loved the Dashi Mushroom Risotto it was the second bomb :~) tq YHYO for bringing us to your hideout!!!!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetand in her words, this place was “aesthetics”

After we wiped out the food, we pigged on our $12 truffle fries and blabbered for another hour or so about i-forgot-what-but-it’s-okay-because-it-was-pure-good-chats-while-it-lasted :> Looking forward to our 8 (or maybe 6)-people date one day!!

3. EMACs
Excitement bubbled leading up to this EMACs gathering (pinned the Tele message sooo long ago thanks to Anne’s initiative), and I still remember how far away it felt. Time has now flown till post-22nd July, and exchange is ever so near for all of us — first flights coming in less than a week for Xy and Norway gang!!! germy be gone :”( Better a late meet-up than never, it was sooooo heartening to see such a good turnout — everyone’s way of saying “this matters to me too” 😊

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

It was a much-needed night of EMACs therapy: laughs (the kind that make your cheeks jam up and your abs/tummy ache a little, ft. ian and marcus’ exchange stories), jaw-drops (ft. Janee’s bad-planning-but-way-above-average-luck stories), fab  food (thx to char’s fam and everybody’s bits of effort!!), heartfelt and philosophical 3am conversations, 10/10 company, and the best combination of ramblers and listeners :”) Been way too long since we’ve come together for a night like this, and it was truly a timely reminder of how blessed we were, and still are, to have landed in each others’ company back in 2014.

Can’t wait for the next wave of stories to come along (hopefully good stories but not too good cos that would mean more panty poop and backsplashing!!! nope no thank you), and for all of us to come home safe from wherever we’re gonna end up in the world in the months to come!!!

Also, apt time to throwback to this  🌚 😉


Spent the rest of the v happy weekend with mom and Jo and Jo’s lowwie while he prepared for his second book-in, and with Royal in our fav hideout aka Shaw (Dunkirk review halfway there cos someone is BZ BZ BZ)!!!!!!! Concluded it all with a few new confirmations to our pre-travels 💸💸💸.  <1 month to go, can’t thank God enough for this opportunity!


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