Tigers and daisies!

Finally getting down to this post: throwback to two normal-days-turned-special in the middle of the mundane internship period back in June, with some of my favourite hoomans 🙃 + 🙃🙃🙃

(25 Jun – Hari Raya Public Holiday)

Zoo dayIn short, had a rly rly happy day there because of Royal’s odd fascination with animal facts and also because we were blessed with perfect-timing-encounters with the feeding times and animal appearances!! and great weather too 🌞🌞🌞 no regrets waking up earlier than a work-day for this, hoho

map reader pek^8/10 map-reading skills  :~)
Also, the zoo was really much bigger than I remembered it to be. The last time I was at the zoo, I was probably still ~120cm (or less) and my fav animals there were the raccoons! but sadly, they’re now gone from this zoo’s list :”(

breakfast :~)Breakfast was this cheesy mushroom sausage bread thing which was sinfully gud!! + some Mr Bean viet coffee to get us ready for the day (but there were monkeys on the nearby roof so that was quite scary)

slowest but funniest lafake croc??Literally stared at this for 5mins++ to figure out if it was a real croc or a fake one and we’re 78% sure it’s a fake because it. did. not. move. an. inch??????Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWhite tigers were so pretty! We staked out for quite a bit to catch the feeding session cos Royal loves tigers and it was so worth it. These guys deserve more fame than lions who are are lazy shits omg they didn’t even budge their ass when the zookeeper threw them huge chunks of meat.Another majestic cutie was this polar bear called Inuka :~)

obviously not forcedWe almost missed this show but thank God we didn’t!!!!!!!! 100% intrigued by how intelligent elephants are and how amazing it is that they can catch up with the humour of humans.

$7.50 lunch wotLastly, this was our S$7.50 lunch (each! bowl!!!!) – the only downside of the zoo, apart from the fact that it’s soooo inaccessible. thank God for Grab Hitch


Did a little sleepover thingie that night and this was taken after we watched Your Name on my sofa (it’s sooooo good btw. don’t usually watch Jap Anime but this was highly recommended by Chanel and I highly recommend it now!!!!!!). I crashed soon after, oops. We had Macs hotcakes the next morning and then it was time for……..


(26 Jun – took my 1x annual leave for these baduds ok)

beauThis was the prettiest part of Cloud Forest ⛅We took a break after the Cloud Forest for lunch and ice cream! Already miss Macs’ banana cone :”( ^this vanilla-banana twist was the best one yet

hydrangeas?Chanel was our flower guide throughout the Flower Dome and she could name almost all of the flowers wahhaha FlowerMa indeed :>

mah daisiescacti!!:~)Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetsies(Fav!!!!!! daisies r my weakness)dusty millers :~)(these dusty millers have made their way to my Telegram background!!!)pretty crystal thingssucculents!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset💖💖💖 truly thankful to have found these 3 good souls in uni :”)

P/S: Not sure when I’ll stop feeling so irrationally excited seeing her Instastories or hearing from her on Tele, but having Germy fly off on Tuesday has really made the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ pretty legit!!!!!! #bf2


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