Technicolour Beat

One fine day, Germy felt an little tickle in her bones to choreograph to this song, and soon enough she got up on her feet and did. After 3 days of choreographing to a mirror in her room with her funny sister Gerry by her side, she poked me to hop onto her choreo train and do a “little maines project before flying” :>

A million thanks to Germy for inspiring me with her courage to have challenged herself with this in the first place — from “I feel v vulnerable” to our random choreo-ing and “too much left leg up” (what a perfectionist)………. till somehow ending up in Lee Kong Chian School of Business B1 carpark to film it!! & of course, a million and one thanks to gwendalohΒ for putting the best angles of this little piece together, and for the love and artistry that she shares so relentlessly with us :”)

Technicolour Beat was inspired by the 6am sunrise when we were all gloriously happy and free and lying on the floor staring at the ceilings, feeling blessed to be alive.” – O Wonder

P/S: dumbest thing we did that night was to be clad in long sleeves. IT WAS A SAUNA


9 weeks

9 weeks into summer internship 2017 with just 9 days to go!! Started this post a very long while back and have been adding in bits and pieces along the way after losing daylight to the office!! v draggy post ahead but here’s to taking a moment to count these blessings πŸ™‚

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