Exchange (2) – Gdańsk

Completely out of chronology but wanted to get a shot of dopamine by doing up this quick post, before delving into some prep for this afternoon’s 2x presentations!!!!! So this about Gdańsk, a city in Poland (at the very tip) that we decided to pay a visit to this weekend because we’ve been trapping ourselves in Warsaw while fellow friends have been spending exchange weekends in other parts of Europe. Super blessed to be reaping the full benefits of a “cheap exchange base”: pretty accoms in Gdańsk for only S$13.65/pax and train to & fro for slightly more than S$20 in total!

Here’s Gdańsk :~)

IMG_3064.JPG(One of the icons – a legit pirate ship!!!)

IMG_3062.JPGIMG_3060.JPGIMG_3059.JPGIMG_3053.JPGIMG_3052.JPGIMG_3049.JPGFontana di Nettuno (Neptune’s Fountain!) / Didn’t even know this was an attraction till we stumbled upon it and saw it everywhere on posters and souvenirs in the area

IMG_3045.JPGIMG_3027.JPGIMG_3018.JPGIMG_3016.JPGIMG_3012.JPGIMG_3019.JPGIMG_3030.JPGIMG_3007.JPGIMG_3004.JPGIMG_2996.JPGThe view from our AirB&B @3+pm!!!! the sun sets way too early in winter………

IMG_2995.JPG& this was the standalone building that our AirB&B apartment was located!!! it’s from the 17th century I don’t even know how…………..????

IMG_2989.JPGIMG_2988.JPGIMG_2984.JPGThe train station was like straight out of a Harry Potter movie hehe

IMG_3037.JPGIMG_3065.JPGIMG_3001.JPGWe visited the WWII museum in the evening and it was rlly rlly eye-opening. I’ve always had very minimal interest in history and the works but this made me realise why people can get lost in it and find so much meaning in studying it!!! The world has come a long way since Hitler’s mad ideology and we are truly blessed to be living in this generation.



Have been trying to cleanse my body with more homecooked meals and more gymming after the intense eating over the past 3/4 of exchange, but we completely let go during this 48hr getaway!!!!!! HO HO HO so happi

IMG_2982.JPGDope (& cheap) cheese mushroom McToast for the train ride there!!! NEED THIS IN SG

IMG_2986.JPGRibs craving was REAL these past few days so yay for Billy’s Restaurant’s BBQ ribs and a very accommodating Royal Pek hehe

IMG_3003.JPGDay 1 dinner @ Sempre Restaurant! First pizzas since Italy that paled in comparison but were still gr8. thin crust are :”)

IMG_3058.JPGBrunch at Schopenhauer!! Knew they were famous for bagels but had a sweet tooth that morning so I got the “sweet pancakes” and it was an ultimate disappointment cos they put the sour yoghurt and sour blueberries all over the insides (!?!???!) #firstworldproblems

IMG_3002.JPGSatisfied our pasta cravings at Restauracja Sapore that we stumbled upon and this was a very interesting plate of salmon broccoli linguine that left my tummy very happy

// Will remember Gdańsk for the extreme cold and the consistent quaintness it boasts! :~)

// Random note: Met a super friendly and chatty Polish lady in the train cabin and it had a pretty intriguing chat with her about the censorship issues going on with the WWII museum that we visited the day before.

// Back 2 work!!!!!!!!!




Need! to! dance!

Haven’t danced since 23rd August (that’s 40+days) and missed it alot today when I tried to search for a studio here in Warsaw/ spammed watched youtube vids and old emix training vids MISS MISS MISS. Thankful and very glad that I/we got off our lazy procrastinating butts to create this little pieces for the mmrs :”)

10-wk phase of life: Jewel


Chilling at a Bux on a cosy Tuesday morning because……………. NO! MORE! INTERNSHIP!!!!! Time to bid goodbye to this fulfilling 10-week phase of life — all glory to God cos it’s truly truly truly been a good ride!! v grateful for the people I met, the things I picked up, and the patience I learnt to have while dealing with the (very few) not-too-good bits.  (still no idea why my last day fell on a Monday tho)


Things I dreaded:

  • The ringing of my alarm clock at 7.15am
  • Squeezing for Bus 858 @ the “Aft Punggol Road” bus stop with 2513841 other people who contribute to the Changi Airport morning rush*
  • Post-lunch food coma (they are l. e. g. i. t!! no kidding)
  • Hunger pangs!!!!!! It doesn’t help that office life makes it so tough to find time and motivation for exercise before/after work. I! Need! Dance!
  • Being seated too near the pantry – the area where people would head to to make very loud calls in order not to disrupt the rest of the peace in the office. spare me
  • Days when there isn’t much to do – Give me a busy yet productive day over a slack and aimless one any day! Then again, the grass is always greener on the other side 🌚

*Never thought that the bus peak hour could be (almost) as bad as the MRT peak hour; Singapore amazes me. Thank God for the 70% of the time that I got a seat for the ride tho!! ( really works)


Things I’m thankful for:

  • The opportunity to have worked on a development that’s gonna be the next big thing for Singapore 🌞🌞!!!
  • Stepping out of the office into one of my fav places to be in Singapore: the airport!!!! I’m not sure if it’s the Changi Airport scent or just the vibes in the terminal, but there’s something about taking a stroll along the L2 departure hall that I rly luv idgi.
  • My cosy little CMC team, each with big hearts for this project! (plus, 2 of them are moms/ moms-to-be so it was really nice to hear and witness how parenting and a career are not mutually exclusive)
  • A first-hand experience of the functions of a corp. marketing and comms. team, and a fair share of empowerment by my supervisors!! #workingmomgoals
  • My 2 Jewel BFFs i.e. fellow interns, Tianxin and Evan. TQ for making 9.5hour-work days infinitely more enjoyable – for the morning eye-rolls, afternoon lunches, and for every tgif that we celebrated with a victory prance out of the office doors :~)
  • That we’re not cooped up in cubicles. It’s much more motivating to know you’re slogging together to tie different loose ends up (even tho we’re from different departments), than to stare at a wall tacked with post-its!
  • The daily what-to-eat-for-lunch conversation: Subway? Too ex. Pastamania? Too fat. T2 canteen? Too far. “T3 kopitiam sua!!!!”……. Should I get Koi?

I mean it when I say I’ll miss this a little 😦 👋

andrew, joyce, sam, ..., cheryl!!sweet la sweet laWay too sweet la :”)
they call us the 3 musketeers


Spent 30% of the time (or maybe a little more than that) figuring out the Europe map, transportation details, air B&B bookings, reading where-to-stay-in-xxx and top-10-things-to-do-in-xxx lists, and now it’s on to the next bit of prep: the packing. The nerves haven’t hit me so I’m just filled to the brim with excitement, and can’t thank God enough for this upcoming 4-month phase of life :”)

And it’s just under 20 days till I can finally make my way to Airport Boulevard with my passport (instead of my staff pass) in hand 😉

Tigers and daisies!

Finally getting down to this post: throwback to two normal-days-turned-special in the middle of the mundane internship period back in June, with some of my favourite hoomans 🙃 + 🙃🙃🙃

(25 Jun – Hari Raya Public Holiday)

Zoo dayIn short, had a rly rly happy day there because of Royal’s odd fascination with animal facts and also because we were blessed with perfect-timing-encounters with the feeding times and animal appearances!! and great weather too 🌞🌞🌞 no regrets waking up earlier than a work-day for this, hoho

map reader pek^8/10 map-reading skills  :~)
Also, the zoo was really much bigger than I remembered it to be. The last time I was at the zoo, I was probably still ~120cm (or less) and my fav animals there were the raccoons! but sadly, they’re now gone from this zoo’s list :”(

breakfast :~)Breakfast was this cheesy mushroom sausage bread thing which was sinfully gud!! + some Mr Bean viet coffee to get us ready for the day (but there were monkeys on the nearby roof so that was quite scary)

slowest but funniest lafake croc??Literally stared at this for 5mins++ to figure out if it was a real croc or a fake one and we’re 78% sure it’s a fake because it. did. not. move. an. inch??????Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWhite tigers were so pretty! We staked out for quite a bit to catch the feeding session cos Royal loves tigers and it was so worth it. These guys deserve more fame than lions who are are lazy shits omg they didn’t even budge their ass when the zookeeper threw them huge chunks of meat.Another majestic cutie was this polar bear called Inuka :~)

obviously not forcedWe almost missed this show but thank God we didn’t!!!!!!!! 100% intrigued by how intelligent elephants are and how amazing it is that they can catch up with the humour of humans.

$7.50 lunch wotLastly, this was our S$7.50 lunch (each! bowl!!!!) – the only downside of the zoo, apart from the fact that it’s soooo inaccessible. thank God for Grab Hitch


Did a little sleepover thingie that night and this was taken after we watched Your Name on my sofa (it’s sooooo good btw. don’t usually watch Jap Anime but this was highly recommended by Chanel and I highly recommend it now!!!!!!). I crashed soon after, oops. We had Macs hotcakes the next morning and then it was time for……..


(26 Jun – took my 1x annual leave for these baduds ok)

beauThis was the prettiest part of Cloud Forest ⛅We took a break after the Cloud Forest for lunch and ice cream! Already miss Macs’ banana cone :”( ^this vanilla-banana twist was the best one yet

hydrangeas?Chanel was our flower guide throughout the Flower Dome and she could name almost all of the flowers wahhaha FlowerMa indeed :>

mah daisiescacti!!:~)Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetsies(Fav!!!!!! daisies r my weakness)dusty millers :~)(these dusty millers have made their way to my Telegram background!!!)pretty crystal thingssucculents!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset💖💖💖 truly thankful to have found these 3 good souls in uni :”)

P/S: Not sure when I’ll stop feeling so irrationally excited seeing her Instastories or hearing from her on Tele, but having Germy fly off on Tuesday has really made the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ pretty legit!!!!!! #bf2